A Moss-Covered Atlanta Media Connection to Trump’s Truth Social Gathers No Local Coverage.

Screenshot of a Google search for “Truth Social” and “Wes Moss” on wsbradio.com

“In January 2021, Mr. Litinsky, better known as Andy Dean, and Mr. Moss — both appeared in the second season of ‘The Apprentice,’ in 2004, and are now radio hosts — made their pitch to Mr. Trump to ‘create a conservative media powerhouse that will rival the liberal media and fight back against ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley,’ according to a description of their plan in a slide presentation reviewed by The Times.”

In Nov., Sen. Elizabeth Warren, among others, called for the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the use of a Special Purpose Acquisition Company to quickly raise money for the venture.

Excerpt from Sen. Warren’s Nov. 17 letter to the SEC seeking an investigation into TMTG’s merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp.

“Adams and Boozer worked at a level just below Wes Moss and Andy Litinsky, both former castmates on ‘The Apprentice,’ Trump’s hit reality TV show, according to a source familiar with the venture.

“Moss and Litinsky have been the ‘senior, day-to-day leadership’ running the company since it started last summer, the source said.”

“Reuters could not determine the specific job titles or responsibilities of Moss and Litinsky, neither of whom responded to requests for comment.”

“Neither Adams nor Boozer disclosed their work at Truth Social on their LinkedIn profiles, which list numerous other jobs and ventures from their past. The company did not publicly announce their hiring.”

Wes Moss’s own LinkedIn profile currently omits any mention of Truth Social or TMTG. It does include his Cox Radio show and past WXIA TV show.

“TMTG has not disclosed executive job titles for Moss and Litinsky. The May 16 filing identifies Moss as a director, but Reuters could not determine his current management role or level of involvement with the company. Moss did not respond to a request for comment.

“Litinsky left the company ‘months ago,’ according to a person familiar with the venture, without specifying his exact date or reason for departing. The exit of Litinsky, who now works as a media and technology consultant, has not been previously reported.”

Atlanta played a significant role.

“The development team worked at a WeWork co-working space in Atlanta. The TMTG staff was small and heavily reliant on outside contractors, according to two sources familiar with company operations. Reuters could not determine the size of the whole operation, but TMTG had about 40 full-time employees as of March 31, according to the May 16 regulatory filing from DWAC.”

On July 7, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that state business records showed several TMTG board members names, including Trump and Moss, were removed from the board weeks ahead of subpoenas from the SEC and a Manhattan grand jury.

UPDATE On Sunday July 31, 2022

Wes Moss’s column was in today’s Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and he hosted his radio show on WSB this morning.



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