Out of Commission

E-mail from Gov. Kemp’s Director of Appointments citing the Ga Code.
Scott Justus Resignation from the Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission
Grant Rivera’s resignation letter from the Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission.

Terms and Conditions

These changes came after I began asking both GPB and the governor’s office about the various discrepancies this past spring.

E-mail from Teya Ryan misdated Commission members’ terms.
Teya Ryan email to a Kemp administration official answering some of my questions.

The Deal Era

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor and Scott Justus’ letter noted his family friendship with Gov. Deal in taking the position.

2021 email to Bert Brantley of Gov. Kemp’s office saying GPTC member John Stephenson does not wish to be reappointed.

Audits and Auditors

Since 2018 GPB has undergone annual state audits and a Dec. 2019 performance audit of its education resources conducted at the request of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Excerpt from a 2019 performance audit of GPB citing the restriction on public school officials serving on its board.
Statement from the Dept. of Audits and Accounts.

Taking the Public out of Comment

At a Jan. 2015 meeting of the Commission, students and alumni of Album 88 brought evidence of GPB executives using personal email accounts in discussions with GSU officials.

Executive Order appointing Michael McDougald’s successor in 2015. McDougald’s term had expired a year earlier.
Section from GPB’s Bylaws Adapted in 2015.


Tellingly, no major state politician spoke out against GPB’s takeover of WRAS or Cox Media’s involvement.


This year marked Album 88’s fiftieth anniversary, which former CNN journalist and GSU grad student Andreas Preuss celebrated with a radio series and thesis project.

Excerpt from Andreas Preuss’ Masters Theses on WRAS.


Excerpt from a 2009 AJC article about Teya Ryan becoming CEO of GPB.
March 8, 2021 email announcing Ryan is relinquishing the title of President while remaining CEO.



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Brian Bannon

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